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(by Deborah Walker, CCMC)

Why Doesn't My Old Resume Work Anymore?

If your last job search prior to 2001, you may be in for a rude awakening. You might be surprised to find that your old resume, which worked well for you before, is no longer attracting employers, headhunters and corporate recruiters. If you wondered, “What am I doing wrong?” it might ...

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Ten Signs of Job Dissatisfaction. Don't Ignore Them

The new year is a great time to analyze your job satisfaction. As you make your new year’s resolutions, include career fulfillment as a top priority. There are ten sure signs that you are experiencing job dissatisfaction. If you: Dread Mondays or coming to work Can’t wai...

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Baby Boomers, Beware! Don’t Let Your Resume Date You!

If you’re a job seeker of the Baby Boom generation, you may be feeling a little left out by the job market. You’re certainly not ready to retire, but the young recruiters you send resumes to don’t seem to respond to your skills and experience. If you’re feeling symptoms o...

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What's Your Weakest Link? Building A Strong Job-Search Chain

A chain is only as effective as its weakest link-and you don't know which link is weak until the chain is tested. If your job search is falling short, one of your job-search skills may be the weak link. By analyzing your chain of job search skills, you can build a stronger chain, one that can st...

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Is Your Resume Lost in the Great Internet Void?

With the advent of email and online job services, job hunting suddenly became much easier. Or did it? Sometimes it’s hard to know if your resume is actually reaching someone’s desk—or is lost somewhere in the great void of cyberspace. If you want to be sure that your resume ...

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