October 3 2018, "How to Interview Suppliers Like an FBI Agent"


ISM-NV is committed to assisting our new members in achieving professional success through educational seminars.  Share your passion for personal growth, advancement, and desire for career-focused skills by applying for one of the many scholarships offered by ISM-NV.  Scholarship opportunities are available to those members within their first year of regular membership or on their first year of board appointment.  Qualifying individuals may not exceed two events or 42 CEHs.

Award(s) will be made to the applicant(s) best meeting the minimum qualification and criteria outlined below.  In case of ties, the award will be made to the earliest received application.

SCORING CRITERIA (In order of importance)

  1. Must be a Regular member of ISM-Nevada and be in their first year of regular membership or on their first year of Board appointment.
  2. Be an active volunteer or participant in ISM-Nevada activities, programs and or events, i.e. contribution to affiliate, participation in events.
  3. Number of meetings/seminars attended.

Non Members will not be considered.

An applicant who has been the recipient of a scholarship in this category, within the past 365 days of beginning of seminar, will be considered for award only if no other qualified applications are received.

If interested, please complete the applicationIt will be sent to the Scholarship Committee Chairperson.  The Scholarship Committee and Executive Committee will review all applications and make the final decisions.  All applicants will be notified if they were Awarded or Denied the scholarship.