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March 28, 2017 Seminar

March 28, 2018
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Las Vegas Valley Water District - Mead Conference Room 1
1001 S. Valley View Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89107

"Investigative Negotiations for Breakthrough Total Cost of Ownership"
How Negotiations are Won & Lost BEFORE They Ever Start

ISM-Nevada is pleased to have globally recognized negotiations author, consultant, professor, and speaker Omid Ghamami, MBA, CPSCM (“THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning” ~ Intel Corp) back by popular demand.  

He is pushing the envelope with this Negotiation Seminar.

Omid G won’t show you how to squeeze the supplier even harder and he won’t show you negotiation room tactics and counter-tactics.  Both of those are dated strategies. 

He also won’t discuss “Win-Win”, because the term has largely become meaningless and usually involves compromise, which Omid G views as Lose-Lose, because neither party gets what they wanted out of the deal. 

He will show you real, implementable, powerful strategies to find out what else that is NOT on the quotation that the supplier values besides price, and leveraging that knowledge to get the supplier to trade for aggressive price and other TCO concessions in your favor, not because they had to, but because they were delighted to.

Omid G’s extensive research and experience in 23 countries and with hundreds of companies over a quarter century have resulted in one inescapable conclusion:


Even a rookie negotiator can take what’s on the table – a SOW, a Spec, and a supplier quote – and negotiate.  There is no talent in doing that.  It’s just an exercise in transferring value, and ordinary negotiators do it all the time.  

The best in the world, the ones that shoot up organizational charts and have executives from all divisions and other companies clamoring to hire them, are experts at negotiating what’s NOT on the table.  There are things that suppliers value that are never on the quotation.  Your job is to find out what those are. 

If you aren’t using these bleeding edge strategies, then you have no choice but to assume that all the supplier wants is your money.  And it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy, because the negotiations WILL end up being all about the money.  If that sounds familiar, then it’s time to break the cycle with this seminar. 

Omid G will review a series of REAL case studies where stalemates on price turned into price, TCO, and even revenue breakthroughs for procurement just because the negotiator did research and shifted the focus of negotiations from positions and issues on the quotation over to researched supplier interests that were NOT on the quotation. 

This one day seminar will focus on how to stop the intense focus on the money in negotiations, and how to satisfy the supplier in incredibly creative ways that are surprisingly easy to discover.  You won’t need special tools, templates, or approvals to get going.  You can do these things starting the day after the seminar. 

You will learn the secrets to:

Stop negotiating items serially (hint: it’s a results killer) and how to start managing multi-issue deals instead for breakthrough negotiation result

Negotiating what’s NOT on the table, and how to find out what those areas are

Mastering and mapping out the 5 critical pre-negotiation value actions:  Discovering Value, Creating Value, Prioritizing Value, Claiming Value, and Transferring Value

Utilizing strategies of the world’s best negotiators, spending more than 70% of the time listening, controlling what is heard, and properly dissecting that information afterwards

Separating interests from positions and why this critically important skill will lead you to data you will never get in a standard solicitation or negotiation process.  

Leveraging differences between the parties to create value, instead of viewing them as sources of conflict

Making package offers in negotiations for better results for both parties

Mastering the art of having the other party tell you they want to move to your position, instead of you having to push them there. 

Researching the other party’s interests instead of on your own as a basis for your negotiation strategy, and where and how to find this information

Shifting focus from what a supplier position to why that position is, creating opportunities for negotiation outcomes that are better for both parties

Recognizing and abandoning the ‘fixed pie bias’ to get far better results for both parties and to create tremendous value that may cost both you and the supplier very little

Leveraging strategies for allocation of gains (what master negotiators do) instead of allocation of losses (the traditional approach and what we’ve been taught) for better results and more satisfied parties.

How to leverage contingency contracts in negotiations when a supplier promises the world and won’t budge on price

Triangulating data when you suspect a supplier isn’t being truthful

Maximizing supplier perceived value and satisfaction by writing their victory speech

  Presenter - Omid Ghamami, MBA, CPSCM

Omid is President & Chief Consultant at Purchasing Advantage, a purchasing and supply chain management consulting and training solutions provider. Since 1995, he has performed consulting, training, and executive coaching for thousands of procurement executives and professionals from 23 different countries in 5 continents on topics related to the entire spectrum of purchasing, supply chain management, purchasing contract law, negotiations, and supplier management.

Omid is also the CEO & Chairman of the Board of The Center for Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (PSCM) Excellence, a global purchasing and supply chain management certification institute issuing the CPSCM™ (Certified Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager) certification.

The most respected global authorities have reach out to Omid for his expertise. Omid has the crowning achievements of having trained all 50 Chief Purchasing Officers of the United States on how to achieve breakthrough TCO results against their collective budget, having been sought out and interviewed by Fortune Magazine regarding Fortune 500 strategies for success in the 21st century, being nominated to the Advisory Board of several firms and associations, and also having twice presented to Harvard University’s world famous Supply Chain Management program by request.

The CPSCM™ Certification program that he has spearheaded has graduates from some of the biggest companies in the world.  In 2017 alone, CPSCM™ graduates have come from Ford, Fujitsu, IBM, Colgate-Palmolive, Roche, Valvoline, Target, Toshiba, Carlsberg, Tata, Phillips, Rolls Royce, Bank of America, Daimler Benz, Target, Cummins, Vodaphone, Daimler, and many others.

Omid has 18 years’ experience with Intel Corp, holding responsibility for $1B + in annual expenditures as a purchasing executive, and also managing Intel’s global purchasing operations.  He was also responsible for the end to end negotiation planning, execution, and training processes for Intel’s entire $16B global procurement organization, whom named him THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning! 

Omid is well known with the Institute for Supply Management, having published a multitude of articles in their global journals & held many highly successful speaking engagements for them. He is the author of 2 purchasing books & has 50+ hours of TV appearances as a purchasing industry expert.

Omid is also the founder, chief architect, and exclusive Adjunct Professor of Purchasing for the only purchasing curriculum and certificate program in the entire California State Community College System.

Attendees receive 7 Continuing Education Hours

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