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"Women & Empowerment Series: When Language is Power" Webinar

April 22, 2021
10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
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"Women & Empowerment Series: When Language is Power" Webinar

This will be an interactive program on "When Language is Power" part of our Women & Empowerment Series

  • Have you ever felt difficult to give or receive feedback?
  • Or to ask for an opinion about your work?
  • What about asking for a raise?

If you are not so confident about your words, others will be even less and this event may be just the right thing you need

  • Do you believe that you need to work hard and perfect all your work, before you can talk about it?
  • Do you feel like an impostor sometimes hearing yourself?

We have some ideas about how you can speak more powerfully

  • There is a lot of buzz around the idea that women are not being heard. Would you like to find a powerful voice for yourself?

This event will provide you with some valuable insights about what to try out

  • Are you often told you are not aggressive enough for a leader?

We are happy to explore different forms of power for the ones who prefer a kinder way to lead.

  • What you say to yourself can make you more or less powerful in the world.

If you are interested in discovering a bit more about this join us 

  Karime Abib, Founder of AdvantiKA  (Bio)